Using Helicopters To Create High Altitude Imagery

Updated: Mar 9

With the use of a drone, there is a limitation of 400ft for separation with other airspace users. The aim for this project was to show the overall scale and layout of the site. In order to complete this task, we worked with Tiger Helicopters to capture the site from high above. See our behind the scenes video:

Why use a helicopter?

Unlike a fixed-wing aircraft, a helicopter can hover meaning that we were able to move around different points of the site providing a wide selection of angles for the client. Also, by having the doors off, this prevented glare from the sun enabling us to produce high quality, crystal clear images.

Final content

The final content was delivered to the client and was used on their website Byecross Farm Campsite alongside all rights assigned for later use on social media, print media and other marketing purposes.

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