Use of Aerial Video in Educational Videos

Updated: Jan 16

An aerial 'flyover' shows the stunning surroundings and provides re-assurance to parents that your school is in one of the best areas to educate their children.

Why use Aerial Video?

Aerial video provides a unique birds eye perspective helping you stand out from other establishments by enabling you to showcase your location through high altitude shots. This solution enables you to capture the eye of the visitor to the subject, in the case the subject being the educational establishment, with point of interest views or panoramic views captured via the drone platform.

Videos using Aerials:

  1. Broadlands Primary School

Objective: To provide an aerial perspective of the scale and surrounding areas.

Execution: Drone was flown in a point of interest style to provide the circular pan (shot 1). Also the drone started in a low position increasing distance on both X & Y axis whilst panning upwards revealing the surrounding area (shot 2)

2. Byecross Farm Campsite

Objective: To provide an aerial overview of the site, camping areas and local features.

Execution: Drone was flown in a line formation down the River Wye to show it's size for the canoeist target audience. Also, the drone was flown at various points around the site to showcase camping areas, facilities and size.

More videos which include aerials can be found at:

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