Expansion into Aerial Videography, Photography & Inspections

Updated: Jan 16

Drones allow for new ideas in the marketing industry. This allows marketers to create campaigns which will stand out from others. A recent investment into aerial videography, photography & inspections will provide customers with additional options and points of view to showcase their business and capture the attention of their audiences.

Commercial UAV Flight Training

JRNVisuals has invested countless hours into the training for commercial UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) flight operations licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This enables us to provide unique perspectives which can be incorporated into visual content.

Benefits of Aerial Content

Aerial videography is especially popular for events with a lot of fast action. The drone can get close to the action and move at high speeds without getting in the way. This means that it can get closer than a photographer while enabling photographs and videos at the same time.

Drones can produce high quality content while saving time and money compared to other methods (such as a helicopter!). With unlimited versatility, you can pretty much do anything. Drones add another angle to your digital content, and utilizing drone professionals for your next campaign might be worth considering.

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