Aerial Platforms

We are licensed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and are specialists in aerial filming & photography using remote controlled, multi-rotor UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). Our mission is to safely deliver the highest quality drone services using state of the art technology as well as creating inspiring aerial imagery in all environments. 

Why Use Aerial Platforms? 

It's the method that's getting everyone's attention. But what makes this point of view so appealing to viewers? Shooting from the air, like flying itself, allows you a lot of creative flexibility. You may be flying alongside a steam engine and watching a closeup of a passenger sipping tea one minute and hundreds of feet in the air the next as the train passes through a beautiful mountain scenery the next. Anything is possible with aerial video & photo.

However, the current proliferation of drone technology has made many of these approaches accessible to a far larger audience. Drones of the newest generation can record high-quality, high-resolution photos in a variety of situations, including those that are inaccessible or difficult to reach. Aerial photography also provides a cost-effective way for companies to improve the production quality (and hence customer engagement) of their video content.

A Team You Can Trust


We carry a £1 million public liability insurance cover to ensure that we are covered for any eventuality. This can be upgraded to £10 million upon clients request. 

Licensed & Authorised

We are licensed by the CAA, the UK's national aviation authority. Our understanding of aviation theory, practical application and the safety procedures we have in place are deemed to be of a high professional standard resulting in permission granted to fly drones for commercial work in the UK. 

Professional Standard

We pride ourselves on being dependable and producing quality material. We have countless hours experience flying UAVs and fly the industry's leading aircraft that have the ability to capture any situation, no matter how intense. 

In Depth Planning

We plan flights taking into account the site, surrounding areas including airports, no fly zones (NFZs), weather and many other factors to fly at the highest standard of safety. We provide you with a detailed risk analysis to ensure that every safety aspect is covered.

A Safer Alternative

Our state-of-the-art UAVs deliver building and roof inspections, providing our clients with a cost-effective, high-quality option that avoids the risk of operating at height associated with traditional survey access.

Traditional access techniques may be entirely unavailable to some roof regions. Roofs that are brittle and asbestos-containing materials that are old pose a severe health and safety hazard. Detailed photographic data of a building's roof and high-level elements may be gathered with a drone survey without the risk of falling or disrupting and releasing asbestos.


Legal Compliance

The CAA, the UK's national aviation regulator, has authorised JRNVisuals. Our knowledge of aviation theory, practical application, and safety protocols is of a high professional quality, and we have been granted authorization to operate drones for commercial purposes in the United Kingdom.

Our pilots are properly certified and comply with UK regulations governing the commercial use of small unmanned aircraft (drones not exceeding 25kg).

We are also obligated to have the proper insurance as a company. In the event of an accident, JRNVisuals is covered up to £1,000,000, which may be increased to £10,000,000 upon request.

Our Aerial Work