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Commercial Aerial Filming, Photography & Inspections 

We are licensed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority

and are specialists in aerial filming & photography using remote controlled, multi-rotor UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles)

Our Pilots

We have CAA licensed pilots who have countless hours experience flying UAVs. They fly the industry's leading aircraft that have the ability to capture any situation, no matter how intense. 

Our Service

We plan flights taking into account the site, surrounding areas including airports, no fly zones (NFZs), weather and many other factors to fly at the highest standard of safety. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to safely deliver the highest quality drone services using state of the art technology as well as creating inspiring aerial imagery in all environments. 


We carry public liability insurance cover to ensure that we are covered for every eventuality.

Risk Assessment

Prior to and upon arrival at location, our team will complete a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure the safety of crew, observers and the general public. 

Professional Standard

JRNVisuals has invested into the latest aerial UAV platforms with the aim to provide these services with safety as the ultimate priority on all operations. 

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Aerial Video Production

All aerial video/film is shot and edited in 4K then can be down sampled to HD for use on websites and media players if required. We can also supply RAW files if you wish to edit the content to suit your production requirements. 

We can output any video format required e.g. mov. mpg. m4v. avi. mpeg. etc

Aerial Still Imagery

Still aerial imagery is shot and edited in house and can be supplied in various formats. We export photos to high resolutions (up to 4000x3000px) which should cover your design and printing requirements. We can also provide RAW files if you wish to edit the content to suit your project. 

We can provide any file type required e.g.

.pdf .psd .eps .tiff .jpeg .svg etc

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We use state of the art drones which come with an array of safety features to make our operations as safe as possible. We don't only rely on these features, we conduct a site visit and risk assessment, online checks and permissions and conform to any permissions that should be required of us. 

Featured Aerial Projects